Five Free Things To Do In London To Make Your Trip Awesome

When you’re given the chance to live in London (or any city for that matter) for a summer, it would be a true tragedy not to explore every inch of the city that you possibly can. Luckily with my job as a model I am required to attend many castings throughout the city so exploring comes pretty easily. I have compiled a list of some of the awesomeness I came across running around the amazing city that is London and the best part is that none of these cost money to attend.

1. The Tree Of Graves at St. Pancras Church

It is dedicated to the Roman martyr Saint Pancras and is believed by many to be one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England. The church has been around since 314 AD but was nearly falling apart in the 1800s due to a few factors, one being Fleet River that runs underground beneath the church. When renovations on the church began in the mid 1800s, the man who was burdened with the responsibility of exhuming all of the bodies and dismantling the graves in the cemetery surrounding the church began stacking the headstones around a small tree. Slowly the base of the tree was surrounded by headstones and the man saw no point in relocating them after he had cleared the grounds. Now the tree has grown up and become one with the stones, and viewing it is like looking directly into time.

hardy tree st saint pancras london 110568968_10152349496831925_8982630241239098417_n

2. Take a walk along Regents Canal

Regents Canal has run through London since 1820 and used to be like a taxi line before the railroad was completed. Now its a great place to watch the boats, have a drink at one of the many bars that back up to it, or go for a jog along the path that runs along next to it. Often in the summer they have small markets and events along the canal and on sunny days its a good place to go soak in the sun on one of the many boat tours available.

10561656_10152349333351925_6201920122481547041_n 10478216_10152350498041925_3437951692920893849_n

3. London Museum of Zoology

This small room, full of what I imagine a mad scientist would decorate his nightmares with, is totally and incredibly insane. From floor to ceiling the place is full of the odd, creepy and insanely awesome specimens with a ton of science and history to back it up. From baboon skeletons to tiger skulls to jars of moles in various chemicals, this place has anything you could ever want to make your skin crawl and completely educate yourself on the ins and outs of the animal kingdom.

1458674_10152357041511925_1493291784228844348_n 10568913_10152338954856925_7931380543534826275_n

4. The Camden Market

The Camden Market is a giant open air market, full of tents and booths selling all sorts of things. From knock off zippo lighters to real diamond rings, you can literally find anything and everything at the Camden Market. Not to mention the amazing food from all over the world, its like a world fair every weekend. I would suggest getting to the market early though, an average of 100,000 people go through the market each weekend.

10419040_10152337903921925_7373663767624770771_n 6687581285_8bfb11cf62

5. Regents Park

So the first time I went to Regents Park was completely by accident, I saw a sign for a zoo and just sort of wandered into this massive green field. Yea thats right, the park is so big it has a zoo inside of it! Regents Parks is a little over 410 acres of gorgeous green fields of grass, a long stream filled with ducks and a bunch of gorgeous gardens. Its full of great places to picnic, sit and read a book or kick around a soccer ball. London is full of parks and each one is amazing but to me Regents is the best.

10410415_10152352540536925_6342801070584334580_nPrimrose Hill


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