Early Morning Bangkok


Every morning the Buddhist monks leave their Wats before the sun comes out to collect Alms or food donations from the locals. Here a monk is blessing this woman for her donation. The monks are not allowed to touch women so after this shot the woman placed the food on the ground for the monk to pick up. They can only eat until mid day and then must fast until the following morning. — in Bangkok, Thailand.


12508679_10153503867951925_8412088350776861288_nI found this guy and some of his buddies chilling in one of the canals on my morning walk, it’s hard to tell but it’s about 4 feet long and looked really mean. Water Monitors have a bacteria living in their mouthes that doubles as a neuro-venom, helping to paralyze their prey.

12651329_10153514448351925_677640039081787761_nA man loads a barge full of garbage while a hungry monitor lizard waits patiently for a snack.


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