Thailands Beautiful Buddhist Temples

Thailand is littered with Wats and they are all breath taking, each one different from the next and all worth checking out.


The last records show a total of 33,902 Wats (Buddhist temples) in Thailand. That number was generated in 2004 and they are constantly building new ones while preserving the old.


The Golden Mount at Wat Saket sits atop a man made hill and you must walk up about 300 spiraling steps to reach the top


Wat Bang Phra, outside of Bangkok, Thailand.


Sunset at Wat Saket.


A man explores a Wat.

Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Details at Wat Pho, Bangkok.


Golden Mount/Wat Saket by night.


Spire shrine at the Grand Palace, Bangkok.


Inside each Wat is a shrine full of a different depictions of Buddha, each one more elaborate than the next.


Wat Chedi is one of the oldest temples in Chiang Mai. Construction on the Wat started in the 14th century when King Saen Muang Ma planned to bury the ashes of his father at the site. When it was completed nearly a hundred years later and after the king had been killed by his wife, the structure was over 82 meters high but after an earthquake in 1545 30 meters of the structure collapsed. Even in its present state the Wat is still one of the largest in Thailand.


Most Wats are surrounded by multiple structures used for different purposes including housing monks and prayer rooms as well as classrooms set up for teaching young monks about Buddhism.


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