5 Ways to avoid being scammed while traveling.


This list is full of “worst case scenarios” and should not push you away from traveling in any way. Sometimes traveling turns disasterous and one mistake can turn into a trip full of regret, hopefully these tips help to prevent a good trip going bad.

1. Don’t flaunt

A big worry from alot of travelers is the fear of being robbed while on the road. It’s sad to say but it happens, and a good way for you to reduce the chances is by reducing the attention you draw. If you’re walking around with alot of jewlery and electronics dangling from your body, you’re going to attract alot of unwanted attention from anyone trying to snatch a quick paycheck from you.


2. Get a thick bag

Common practice amongst many thieves and pickpockets alike is cutting the fabric on the bottom of your bag, usually with a razorblade. Your items fall to the ground and they swoop them up and run through the crowd never to be seen again. A good way to stop this oppurtunity is to use a thick bag, one that is not easily cut like the weaker mesh or canvas bags often used in beach areas. I personally use a Kaban Transit Backpack made by NorthFace, and I love it. Its coated so its good in the rain, not completely waterproof but its a great bag all around, structured and tough I can live out of it for a week or two if need be.



3.Split your bank.

Often times while traveling, people get large sums of money exchanged at the beginning of their trips, this way they dont have to continuously worry about getting more exchanged or running out. This is a smart idea as long as you split up your money, you dont want to be walking around with twenty thousand baht on you. Instead lock most of the money in a hotel safe or locker and take out only what you think you will need per day. This way if you do get mugged or lose a wallet or bag you wont go bankrupt on one mistake.


4.Leave your bank behind.

Not everything is a fashion show and most traveling doesn’t need to be dressed up, next time you’re on a trip leave the extra jewlery or fancy shoes behind. Most people over pack, filling their bags with multiple articles of clothing that never make it on to their body and just take up space. The more you bring the more you have to lose or get stolen.stock-photo-96344179

5. Stay away from cheap thrills.

It doesn’t matter if its a street side card game or a discount parachute ride, its not a good idea. You may not know this, but the locals know you have money and they know how to get it from you, its like its their job or something. Everyone has that thirst for a little adventure and risk and for some reason exotic locations tend to bring out the feeling of invincibility in people, this is where the gambling and adrenaline rush comes into play. The games are rigged most of the time, usually any street game has a couple of people in the crowd in on the gag, they will cheer you on and make you feel good and like you just keep missing the target but should keep trying because you’re almost there! Now the adrenaline rides are interesting, whether its a discount bungy jump or a cheap sky dive, its usually not a good idea depending on how much risk you’re looking for. Most of these attractions are cheap because they are not ran by real professionals, rather some make shift local outfit. I’ve seen people parasailing on beaches in mexico and get slammed into the sides of hotels, but if thats your thing then go get suited up!



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