We want to hear your travel stories!

We are working on a project and would love to hear your craziest traveling stories. Your story may be featured in a post eventually and you would be given full credit. We are trying to bring people together by sharing experiences, you can either comment below or email at info@alwaysdeparting.com

We will contact you if we would like to feature your story in a later post !



6 thoughts on “We want to hear your travel stories!

  1. I got to go into the giant tree house near Crossville, TN before they shut it down due to safety issues. It was amazing. It was all built by one man over the course of several years, and it’s similar to the Winchester house in that he just hasn’t stopped adding on to it. When I went there were dogs, chickens and goats everywhere (I believe there was a small farm somewhere else on the property). The tree house is amazing. You should look it up if you aren’t familiar with it. It has a basketball court inside, a basically full size chapel that services have actually been held in, tons and tons of rooms, and if you climb to the top on a ladder (it’s terrifying but so worth it) you get to ring a bell. I’ve gone several times over the course of my life. My grandparents live in Crossville so we attempt to go every time we visit, but it’s always hit or miss as to whether it will be open to the public or not due to safety issues. Some years it’s fine, others its not. This tree house is so well-known that the guy from Treehouse Masters on the Animal Planet visited there.

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      1. It’s one of those places that really makes you feel something. Luckily for those who are religious, it has hints of religion all over to really boost that feeling. Despite my lack of religion, I still felt so many emotions. I was awed by how the tree could hold so much and how one man could build it all. When you’re there you can’t help but feel pure joy. On one part of it there is a lawn chair turned swing and it’s so much fun. The random details you find are amusing as well, like the random claw foot tub that was on some sort of balcony that we dubbed “the red-neck hot tub.” It’s super close to some waterfalls, too, so when it’s open it easily becomes a day trip. I’ve always wanted to explore the world outside the U.S., but it’s places like that that inspire me and remind me that there is always plenty to see here as well.

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