We are all born into this world with an explorers spirit. Its how we learn and progress through life. Its how we taste new experiences and retain information. From the moment your feet reach the ground on your very first steps, you are an explorer.

Some of us forget this simple truth on our journey to adulthood, but not all things forgotten are lost.

Our goal at Always Departing is to reignite the explorer thats been hiding somewhere trapped away inside of you. Through personal accounts of trips taken, location wish lists, food appreciation, and cultural and historic insights, we plan to help inspire you to find your own adventure and forge your own path.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Brandon! I recently found your blog and it looks quite interesting. It seems that much like travel is wont to do, it has provided you with a plethora of stories to tell others. I’m excited to read more about your future travels. Good luck!

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  2. Hi, Brandon! I like your blog! I wonder if you have photos of your trips? I’m curious of how these places look like. 😀 You have photos posted but I wonder if you have an Instagram account where you put everything in? If you have, can I look at them? 😀


    Jo 🙂

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