Meet Jesper, the ski loving adventure cat.

Jesper isn’t your typical house cat.


Jesper is 3 years old and lives in Norway. He loves skiing, hiking and tagging along with his owner on all her adventures.


Jespers owners are avid outdoor athletes and decided to see if he was up to tag along one day, they never expected he would enjoy it so much.



Jesper lives on farm in a rural region of the country with his human, Aina Nymoen Stormo


Jesper acts more like a dog most of the times says Aina, exploring and sniffing out the trail.


Sometimes Jesper decides to stop on the trail randomly and without notice, this is mainly only problematic when Aina is following on skies, But any time Jesper stops he is usually willing to ride passenger in a backpack for the rest of the journey.



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